Sofware Solution

HMI Cloud Enabler is software solution for Series 500/600 HMI.
• Light-weight application running directly on the HMI
• It uses only one Ethernet port for PLC and for Cloud connection

Hardware Solution

PLCM07 Secure Cloud Connector is an hardware solution for series 500/600 HMI.
• Separate LAN & WAN networks: LAN for HMI/PLC and WAN for Cloud connection
• Designed to improve security &

Compare Solutions

Depending on the customer requirements (costs, security and performance) you can select the right solution between:
• Software Solution with HMI Cloud Enabler
• Hardware Solution with PLCM07 Secure
Cloud Connector


JMobile is a modern & innovative software solution for the design of HMI applications in a simple and intuitive way

JMcloud - Smart solutions for HMI and PLC Remote Control

JMcloud is a secure Open VPN and SSL based solution that allows to remotely manage industrial installations connected to a centralized server through gateways.
You can choose between:


Secure Remote Management and Control

• Granularly manage user permissions to remote equipment
• More secure and user-friendly remote access than traditional VPN
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Easy to Set Up and Use

• Software solution based on HMI Cloud Enabler service on installed HMI setting few parameters using local display
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Industrial Iot Security

• Ruggedized industrial OpenVPN router (PLCM07) with a wide range temperature (-20° to +60°C)
• Secure connection for industrial remote connectivity
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Cost Reduction for Installation and Maintenance

• Few visits on site during installation and maintenance phase saving cost and time
• New business opportunity for remote control service using 24/7 Remote HMI connectivity
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Remote Support for HMI and PLC

• Possibility to access to HMI and PLC of a machine in order to operate or monitor it
• Preventive and predictive maintenance services by monitoring and logging machine information
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Firewall Friendly

• Protection of your network from Internet threats while providing appropriate access to resources inside and outside your network
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All-In-One Solutions

• All-In-One and compact solution included into single HMI
• Reduced time and cost for installation and maintenance of remote connectivity
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News and Events

eX700 Series Awarded DNV-GL Certification

eX700 Series Awarded DNV-GL Certification

The eX700 series has been awarded DNV GL certification for maritime applications. The IoT controller by EXOR has been certified in accordance Class Guidelines DNVGL-CG-0339, November 2015.

Verona, IT  



Exor International S.p.A., will participate at SPS/IPC/DRIVES ITALY from 23rd to 25th of May 2017, at "Fiere di Parma".

Parma, IT