Hardware Solution

Hardware Solution for HMI and PLC Remote Control

JMcloud is a secure Open VPN and SSL based solution that allows to remotely manage industrial installations connected to a centralized server through gateways.

JMcloud components:

  • JMcloud server is the heart of the whole infrastructure. It stores all the configuration data, the log files, the access policies, and keeps track of the connections to the endpoints (HMI e PLCs).

  • JMcloud Connect is a Windows application used to connect to the JMcloud server and view and connect to all devices enabled and belonging to that domain. It allows to establish VPN tunnel to all devices enabled and belonging to an organization.

  • PLCM07 Secure Cloud Connector is a hardware solution for series 500/600 HMI. Datasheet

    - Separate LAN & WAN networks: LAN for HMI/PLC and WAN for Cloud connection
    - Can be used also on already installed HMIs
    - Designed to improve security & performance
    - Configuration via Web browser

JMcloud reduces cost and time for installation and maintenance.

You can work on HMI and PLC installed on site from your office using an all-in-one solution.

After entering your credentials in the JMcloud portal, you are able to access directly to HMI and devices attached to provide maintenance and upgrade service using the JMobile platform. With JMobile Studio you can update projects installed on the HMI. With JMobile Client and JM4Web you can access real-time data system providing a service of control and preventive maintenance. Using the most common PLCs configuration software as Codesys 2.x and 3.x, Siemens TIA Portal and Twincat you can communicate directly with the PLC. Using smartphone you can access directly through the web pages resident on the HMI or PLC.

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