JMcloud is a secure Open VPN and SSL based solution that allows to remotely manage industrial installations connected to a centralized server through HMIs installed on site.

Depending on the customer requirements (costs, security and performance) you can select the right product between the Software Solution with HMI Cloud Enabler and Hardware Solution with PLCM07 Secure Cloud Connector.


Secure Remote Management and Control

• Granularly manage user permissions to remote equipment
• More secure and user-friendly remote access than traditional VPN
• End-to-End secure connectivity combined with the Connect Switchboard

Easy to Set Up and Use

• Software solution based on HMI Cloud Enabler service on installed HMI setting few parameters using local display
• Hardware solution based on PLCM07 Secure Cloud Connector plugin on installed HMI setting few parameters using a simple HTML web browser
• User access using JMcloud Web Portal depending on access right credential

Industrial Iot Security

• Ruggedized industrial OpenVPN router (PLCM07) with a wide range temperature (-20° to +60°C)
• Secure connection for industrial remote connectivity
• Designed for remote assistance and data acquisition
• Creates a secure tunnel between installed devices and your computer

Cost Reduction for Installation and Maintenance

• Few visits on site during installation and maintenance phase saving cost and time
• New business opportunity for remote control service using 24/7 Remote HMI connectivity
• Retrofit possibility of HMI already installed adding new remote connectivity

Remote Support for HMI and PLC

• Possibility to access to HMI and PLC of a machine in order to operate or monitor it
• Preventive and predictive maintenance services by monitoring and logging machine information
• Connection to the equipment for further diagnostics, programming and upgrades

Firewall Friendly

• Protection of your network from Internet threats while providing appropriate access to resources inside and outside your network
• With PLCM07 you have the power of deep-packet inspection to gain control over all internal and external network threats.

All-In-One Solutions

• All-In-One and compact solution included into single HMI
• Reduced time and cost for installation and maintenance of remote connectivity
• Only one Technical Support Team at your service